The Wedding Emergency bag

EPSON001.JPGI highly believe in being prepared so I can make my clients feel relaxed on the day and be able to deal with whatever comes my way. I’m not only there to document the day, but to help make my clients’ day as care free and enjoyable as possible.

To that effect I not only take care of how my clients look in the photos or perfect the location by doing things like moving distracting things in the location if possible or in post processing, but prepare for pretty much anything that might put a damper on their day.

This is a useful list of things to have for any maid of honour or bride who wants to be prepared whether or not I will be the one who captures the day.

As mentioned, I have my own wedding emergency kit. So what’s in my bag of tricks?


Hair brush and comb

Hair clips – brown, gold, black

Hair bands

Large hair clip (incredibly useful for mermaid dresses)

Deodorant (I prefer spray bottles to sticks)

Nail glue

Nail file (a snag in the nail might mean a snag in the dress!)

Nail polish remover pads

Clear nail polish in case of tears

Travel toothbrushes

Dental floss

A small bottle of water

Headache pills

Tummy ache pills

Allergy pills

Travel lint roller

Wet wipes

Sun screen

Bug bite spray

Always (for unpleasant surprises)

Baby powder



Hand cream


Eyelash glue

Blot remover wipes (for taking away shiny face bits)

Matt transparent powder to remove shine on face/head (a lot easier to fix in real life than Photoshop not to mention helping my brides to continue looking stunning on the day)

Application brushes

Blending sponges

Dress tape

Tide to go stain removing pen

Sowing kit


Spare earring backs

Travel first aid kit



Safety pins

Pocket tissues (it is an emotional day after all)

Shoe high heel protectors (to avoid the sinking feeling when we take photos on the grass)

Blister pads

Tape/ Gaffa tape/ masking tape

A multitool

A couple of healthy snack bars

Drinking straws


Shoe polishing kit

Hair gel

Spare cufflinks

Drinking straws

It sounds like a huge list but from saving time of looking for my client’s bag or finding one of the bridesmaids to not having to search the room for a pair of scissors so others can continue enjoying the busy day, it’s an incredibly useful kit to have. Every time I have had to use something, I was incredibly happy I took the time to make it and that I take it with me.