Thank you for your interest in my photography. I’d like to give you more some more information on what you’re investing in and what your investment brings you when hiring VeVi Photography.

For me wedding photography it about the memories & the legacy preserved. It’s not about what I offer for albums or other products, but about the artistic vision with which I capture those moments and details. Through VeVi photography, you will discover a personal & heartfelt approach to crafting images and preserving memories. It is one of the most important things to consider for your special day as it will be the way to keep the day alive for years to come and the way to relive it with friends and family.

Your wedding day photography is an investment into the rest of your life, it is the gateway for remembering how you looked & felt, how you celebrated, and how you loved. I aim to capture the day from the big picture to the smallest of details so you can have a full view of everything and in the years to come, to be able to relive the day.

I urge all couples not to risk these memories with anyone other than the perfect photographer for them. The moments, subtle glances, and wonder of your wedding day simply cannot be replaced or recreated if you later decide it wasn’t the right style so be sure you like your photographers’ work as well as their personality before you go ahead.

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What does your investment bring you?

Your Cover

The cover I offer for a full day doesn’t limit the number of edited images you receive. I take an unlimited amount of photographs on the day, however the minimum number of hi-resolution edited images you can expect to receive for a full day cover is 400 and more often than not, it goes over 600 on a personalised DVD with printing rights. The larger your wedding will be, the quirkier or the more events you’ve got planned, the more edits you will receive. I make sure you get the day covered in full so I’ll give you all the images needed to be able to relive the day instead of strictly limiting it to a certain maximum. Each images I send my couples will have been carefully selected and perfected in post-production.

I arrive as early as possible (though that’s usually around half an hour after everything starts) and follow the preparations, getting ready, ceremony, portraits, reception, and everything that happens up until half an hour into the dancing. I’ll stay later if you’re running a bit behind so you can enjoy your day instead of worrying I might not be there and if you plan something like fireworks or a sparkler exit, I’ll stay to capture those as well at no extra charge.

The Style: Fine Art Documentary Photography

Some describe my style as modern, yet classic. Others quirky and dramatic, still others as natural and uncontrived. The truth is, it’s all those things and more because I reflect the day I cover.

Rather than trying to label my images, I’d like to share how I make them and you can decide how you describe it yourself.

A wedding is about the moments in between – the clasped hands, the nervous smile, the special look you share, mucking about in between the formal images, the details you spent months deciding on…my goal is create art out of those moments for you.

I am as unobtrusive as I can be through most of the day, watching events unfold and anticipating moments, although I do love getting involved and will jump at the opportunity to do so if you’re the kind of couple who would like that. Call it fine art documenting if you must – I am simply there, observing, waiting and creating as the occasion warrants unless you’re a couple who are happy for me to get involved. I’ll always respect your wishes or preferences and act according to the kind of couple you are.

In my approach, formal group photographs of family and friends, bridesmaids and important guests, the signing of the register, cutting of the cake and the first dance are complemented by fun, relaxed, natural and spontaneous photographs of the bride and groom with their bridal party, candid images of the guests, photographs of the location as well as the small details which make up such an important event.


I always try to match the atmosphere of the weddings I attend whether it means being a chameleon in the background for shy couples to jumping in and joining the festivities or helping out with my little bag of tricks and supplies for emergencies. I want these photos to have my signature style, but ultimately to have my images represent your unique personality.

During the photo session with you and your bridal party, I will take control and set up the shots – I use my expertise to find the best light and backgrounds for your session, use my eye to create tableaus or stories to capture, and position you only as much as is required.  I prefer directing to stiff posing and that is what I aim for. With some groups I am more hands-on in the positioning, and with others I am able to direct in order to photograph what unfolds. Regardless, VeVi works with you to create images that stand alone as works of art.

As much as I describe my wedding photography style as “non-traditional” – I’m still a big fan of being able to take care of a couple’s need for formal family portraits. However, my thinking is “why stop there?” Once the formalities are out of the way – I like to go the extra mile – to make fun, artsy or elegant images as well when the time allows it.

Once the bridal couple and group photographs have been taken I look to unobtrusively wanted through the crowd of guests to capture candid images of people enjoying themselves. I take a lot of candid images, capturing things you probably will be too busy to notice. If I see an unexpected photo opportunity during the day where I need to ask someone to repeat something, I will jump in instead of missing what would be a great photo, but most of the time you won’t notice me at all.

I encourage you to linger on the website a bit longer so you can see more of my work, let the moments wash over you and determine if they speak to you.

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The Editing

Your images take 2 to 6 weeks to finish for the busiest time of the year (June to September). I’ll keep you up to date and give you an estimate whatever the situation.

I edit each wedding in chronological order so you can be sure a couple who had a wedding after your date won’t receive theirs before you do!

I always send you some photos within 2-3 days after the wedding anyway so you can share them on social media with loved ones and help with the wait. I know I’d love to see some ASAP if it were me!

Why does it take that much time?

Partly because I am a perfectionist and partly because editing takes place for a few hours a day with the rest of the time being occupied with other photoshoots, admin, fairs, and client meetings to name a few. I normally spend about 50h on editing for a large wedding. Instead of rushing the editing, I take great time in arranging my schedule to fit in the timeline and be able to carefully go over everything from the selection twice to make sure no important photos were missed in the first draft to keeping natural editing to refine images without making it obvious things have been done (i.e. removal of bins, fire signs, sometimes cables on the wall). I’ll keep a natural look in the images but perfect them taking great care.

I keep all my editing software up to date so I can achieve such amazing results and also regularly look up new techniques and tutorials. I always want to get better, to keep on my toes and up to date with the latest techniques that improve how I deliver my signature style.