How to put a quirky twist on handing the rings over


The biggest honour on the groom’s side usually causes a bit of friction. Who gets to hold the rings? Yes, the best man does normally…or you can have two and one holds each ring… or you have a best man and your brother or dad holds the rings… It can be hard enough to decide and not hurt any feelings, but what’s more is that it’s awfully traditional so if you’re looking for a quirky idea, why not eliminate the issue of who gives you the rings at the altar with a beautiful twist?

Some prefer to have their pet (more likely to be part of the family and a companion than merely a pet by this point) give the rings out at the ceremony if they have one. To be quite frank I never thought anyone but our winged friend would hold them until recently since he and my other half have been fighting for my heart for a long time now so I wanted him to be a big part of the event. If you don’t have such a thing in your life and looking to take the tension away, or you’re looking for a new spin on having the rings handed out consider this: have a silent witness
They’re beautiful, soft, and better trained than even the best man or flower girl you were considering. An absolute must have if you love birds as much as I do and quite a special thing to have organised. Haven’t you ever wanted to hold and touch such a majestic creature and what time better to realise your dreams than at your wedding day?


You can borrow Hector or one of his friends of another species to deliver your rings from a gorgeous, breath taking Silent Witness .  I warn you however that once you have the chance to hold one of these beautiful creatures, you three might want to elope together. I wouldn’t have been able to give Hector up on the day if I didn’t have the most loving little bird waiting home for me already. I will be honest and say that Hector is better trained at 6 months than Arnie was at 13 or would ever have been.

Get in touch with them and see if a silent witness is for you to make your day special, your wedding unique and your images something truly different!

I’m willing to guarantee once you touch Hector you’ll have a hard time giving him back.


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In loving memory of my dearest Arnie