How to have beautiful wedding flowers that don’t wilt


Flowers are beautiful and definitely on everyone’s list to consider for their big day, but you need not stick to natural flowers. For those who want to be less traditional about their decor and bouquets, there are new ways of having beautiful flowers for decorations and even better, these never wilt either as they’re made by using anything from paper to materials and broaches.


You can choose the DIY cost saving method (also great if you just want to feel like you’ve made your wedding come together with your own two hands) or if you can’t make them, don’t have the time or like me, lack the ability but love these, you can have a professional design and make incredible creations for you. Whatever your choice, this is a trend increasing in popularity and I’m loving it!

If you want to go DIY for this part of your wedding, there are plenty of fantastic tutorials on YouTube you can get creative with and you can upcycle materials that have meaning for you or keep the theme of the day. Music sheets if you love music or if you’re a musician, comic books for a colourful bit of geek chic, or patterned paper used for scrap booking. The sky really is the limit with what you can use. The point is that it could be a part of your life and who you are put in them.


I’ve mentioned the paper flowers, but you have other options as well. You can have flowers made of materials with different textures and colours or same material as your dress or bridesmaids’ dresses even. It doesn’t stop at just textiles, lace, broaches and pearls or pieces of clocks.


Finally, there’s another option particularly popular with vintage themed weddings. Why not have your wedding bouquet made of buttons? Yes, buttons. If you don’t believe it’s an amazing idea, then you’ll definitely change your mind once you see how beautiful they can look and how unique they are.


From the beautiful arrangements of natural flowers to quirky new interpretations of what flowers can be, I love them all.

If you’d like to have a better look, the flowers in the photos were made by the suppliers below:
The lovely Cathy makes the beautiful paper flowers The Origami Boutique
Jennie makes the amazing material flowers  Let Love Blooms 
Clare creates the quirky Button Bouquets visit Vintage Button Bridal Designs