How to get the perfect confetti image


One of my favourite parts of a wedding without a doubt. Do you want some advice on how to get that memorable image you long for and can’t wait to frame?

Check in advance:
If you have your heart set on having it done at the church or at the venue, be sure to ask in advance if you’re allowed to have one and if they have restrictions on where you can have it. I bet you didn’t know you have to ask for permission and that some places don’t allow it! Shocking right? I couldn’t believe it as first either and I’ve seen a couple of weddings where they had the surprise on the day of not being able to have it done where they would have loved it to happen.

There are different types. Some aren’t biodegradable and places might not allow those in particular. The biodegradable ones can be shapes from paper or dried flower petals. The best thing about the petals is that you can mix and match and even select them in your wedding colours.

Bring your own:
Sadly, not a lot of guests these days think of bringing confetti to the wedding so you might end up with not enough to have a confetti image at all. It’s better to bring your own and have your bridesmaids hand it out when it’s time. That way you can even keep it in theme.

Make sure it’s not all too big or not too small.
If you choose something like lavender you might have the unpleasant situation of swallowing them or getting them in your eyes. They won’t show up very well in photos either.
Going on the other side of the scale and getting dried rose petals means they are fairly heavy so they don’t go too high in the first hand as well as falling to the ground quickly disappointingly enough.
Rather than using one type, add some variety in the colour, shape and size of it. That really adds a wow factor! (Have a look on eBay for purchasing it. You can get great variety and it’s not expensive at all)

Have a little extra. Once you’ve got your action image running down the isle of petals, why not have a confetti shot with just your closest family members or a group of your choosing?

In waves
Whoever is distributing the confetti can ask your guests to keep some confetti in each hand not in a cone if that’s what you’re giving out so it spreads out better and ask them to throw one handful as you’re approaching them and the other as you pass them. As long as a few follow this advice you’ll get some great results. This gives a continuous flow and the best results.

You can plan to have your confetti in a few places depending on where you’re allowed to have it and your preferences. Here are a few suggestions:
A la France: Did you know that in France the couple leaves after the rest of the guests only to be greeted by all their loved ones throwing rice (which isn’t allowed in this country). So many emotions this is a great occasion to have it arranged. To put a spin on it, you can leave the church first and sneak around the corner to wait for the signal by the other door for a couple of private minutes immediately after the ceremony. While people are getting together, you can nip around the church for a few minutes by yourselves and come back out through the church when ready. This is usually quite quick to organise. As people exit the church, they are handed confetti and the photographer arranges them as they come out of the church.
When you get to the reception: Have a 20min drive with your new spouse. By the time you arrive to get out of the car the same should have been arranged. However, for this option you need to be on time. The quests won’t want to be sitting around waiting in a line for long.
After the group shots: Everyone’s already there! While the last big group image is done you can have someone giving some away the confetti and do it then

I hope this brings you the magical image you’re dreaming of.

In loving memory of my beloved Arnie