How to calm down and make your other half happy from afar

Morning surprises!


How well do you know your other half? You’ve spent a lot of time together planning the wedding so you know how excited and nervous they are about the day.

Is your other half the kind to get overwhelmed, likely to panic about little details or get stressed about running behind? Or would you like to just show them how much you can’t wait to call them your wife or husband?

Plan a morning surprise! Depending on how you’d like to go about it here’s a suggestion.

Either just send them something in the morning to show them how you feel to put a smile on their face from the start or be a bit sneakier. Give the maid of honour or best man as the case might be ( and if they can keep a secret) something to keep hold of. It can be a hand written note, a small bunch of flowers and chocolate bunny or something you had made for them especially (like the cufflinks). Instruct your co-conspirator to give them your surprise either when your other half is getting stressed to turn their day right back around or after they finished getting dressed if all goes well to make them feel even happier. You can’t go wrong in either case.


In loving memory of my darling Arnie who still makes me happy every day.