Featured Albums

The Featured Album Gallery page will shows a collection of previously designed albums
Ben and Priya had a two day wedding. The first on the 30th of May 2015 at Surrey Golf Club and the second (a Vedic ceremony) on the 5th of June. They chose a 12″x10″ Amour album with a burgundy spine to  remember the day by and I’m happy to share a few images of the album with you.

Will and Beth’s beautiful wedding took place on the 27th of July 2013 in The Great Barn at Hales Hall. They chose to have a couple of Amour range A4 albums for the parents and a luxurious 12″x10″ Diamond range album to remember their special day by.
Deren and Amy’s wedding took place on the 11th of April 2014 at Wellington College. As one of the most popular albums from the range that VeVi offers, the Amour album was the perfect choice for this couple.
Steve and Jasmine said their vows at the beautiful Barnsley House Hotel on the 27th f July 2013. Their day is beautifully immortalised in a luxurious white leather Nuptial range album with an acrylic image insert with it’s own protective box to keep it safe over the years.
Daniel and Nichole sait their wedding vows on the 19th of April in Kent and chose the A3 Amour album to remember the day by with the A4 version as gifts for their loved ones.