About VeVi



I’m Andreea. I’m a Fine Art and Documentary photographer based in the South of England and love every minute of what I do! I’m originally from Romania and have photographed weddings all over the UK as well as the US and Europe. I’m always happy to travel to wherever love takes me.

About me


I caught the photography bug from my dad and I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t have a camera in my hand. I love looking through our old photographs and reconnecting with the memories they revive. Most of all, I love how they bring back to life the person who my mother was. She’s my inspiration and the woman who always encouraged me to follow my dreams to see the world.

I met the love of my life (and soon to be husband!), Steve, just a few days after moving here and starting Uni. We can’t wait for our big day that’s just around the corner!

When I look through the images from weddings I’ve photographed, I always end up laughing or getting emotional remembering little events and details from the day. I always get butterflies whenever I open a lovely message from my couples or their families and definitely whenever I am published, I’m as happy as I was the first time it happened. As a person and photographer I can say that I’m friendly, creative and adventurous. I’m a hopeless romantic, passionate about photography so I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in the world! 


About my photography


My style is fun, relaxed and vibrant.

I put my heart and soul into my images. I never shy away from a challenge be it rain or terrain and love the chances I get to be creative! I’m scared of heights but that’s never stopped me from going somewhere up high to get the perfect angle. I’ve climbed on a tractor, hanged out windows and even went waist deep in a pond (not at a wedding) because it’s where I had to be to get the perfect image.

My style is a blend of fine art and documentary photography. My images are natural, light and vibrant. I’m mesmerized by light and I follow it obsessively, looking for those rays that would complement or help create magical images.  My desire is to capture the person on the other side of my lens, who they really are, what they are feeling. I love photographing emotions, connections and freezing moments in time. I tend to be discrete and unobtrusive throughout the day, so I can see and capture those moments before they are gone. I also adore all the little details because I know how painstakingly they were made or how much time and thought went into picking them so I never overlook the smallest detail. I like to have fun with my couples, to keep the photoshoot relaxed and tend to direct these images instead of stiffly posing them.  I always end up having a laugh and a giggle with my couples on our private little session! 

I love the journey I’ve had to take to get to where I am and love every minute of what I do. It gives me great joy being a part of such an important day and happy to know in years to come, others will be looking back at my images being able to reconnect with their memories the way I do when looking at my family album.

The first ever photo I took of her when she came home with us and became part of our family!