7 tips on how to get a picture perfect ceremony

If you’re having an indoor ceremony let me help you ensure you have a picture perfect ceremony with 7 little pieces of advice.


Check the windows. Are they small or on the ceiling? If they are on the ceiling you might end up looking like you have huge bags under your eyes! Who wants that? Or your faces could be completely blown out. Have someone take a photo of you on a camera (phone will do) where you’d be standing on the day so you can have an idea if there’s any light falling there and if yes, if they produce unflattering effects.

Check the lights. Is it really dark in there? If so you might want to consider some extra lighting. Simple directional lights like the ones you can get fairly tall for your living room from many places that you can style or leave will do. A little goes a long way with light, believe me! Some is better than none and officials don’t usually allow flash, but continuous light like that you can get away with. Remember to ask where the sockets are and check if you will need extensions.

Ask at the meeting initially if they could make an exception and allow flash during your ceremony instead. State officials are usually more likely to say yes than priests but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Ask if you’re even allowed to have a photographer take images during the ceremony so you don’t get caught off guard on the day.

Walking down the aisle make sure you leave enough space between your procession so you can have the photographs of you walking down he isle. Doing a rehearsal with the music at some point before the ceremony really helps. If you’re doing it at the ceremony location even better. Ask someone to stand where your photographer would be allowed to be. Start the song. The first person starts to walk. When your lookout can see clearly to the back they can tell the next person to walk and so on until your cue to start walking. As long as everyone keeps track of when they should walk it will turn out perfect.

Linger! It’s strange having to kiss in front of your relatives, but at the end of the day it’s your first kiss as man and wife so you might as well enjoy it and forget about the rest! Linger for a bit and that will ensure you get a great photo too. If you’re going for a quick smooch you don’t know if something came in the way of that image of a fraction of a second while you were rushing (i.e. the official clapping disregarding the photographer then going oh, I really should move)

When you get out of your venue, your photographer would have beaten you to the outside by this point so be prepared to stop for a second for a couple of photos.


If you have any more to add, don’t be shy and get in touch.